Religion and its role in equusequus

Although britain was officially a christian country, religious observance there declined in general during the twentieth century the huge destruction of the first world war and second world war challenged people's belief in a beneficent god, whilst the advance of scientific rationalism questioned the orthodoxy of the. The broadway production ran for 1,209 performances marian seldes appeared in every single performance of the broadway run, first in the role of hesther and then as dora shaffer also adapted his play for a 1977 film of the same name numerous other issues inform the narrative most important are religious and ritual. Both heredity and environment influence alan's mind, but his environment plays a bigger role in shaping his behavior the young boy is predisposed by nature to develop a sexual deviation, but it his parents' nurture shaped by religion and sexual repression that triggers it inside of him throughout the play. The play equus by peter shaffer is an example of the complex and sometimes adversarial relationship between medicine and religion the play's main character, 17-year-old alan strang, is sent to psychiatrist martin dysart, after he gouges out the eyes of 6 horses that were previously the object of his most sincere emotions.

Al: people see the play as an attack on religion, it isn't religion doesn't actually cause anything in equus, rather it functions as a false start in that it seems at times like the cause of the action but in reality causes nothing rather this play is about people who are sick and alone and what we do to fix them. The large corpus of myths concerned with gods, heroes, and rituals embodied the worldview of greek religion and remains its legacy (see greek mythology) it should be noted that the myths varied over time and that, within limits, a writer— eg, a greek tragedian—could alter a myth by changing not only the role played by. The importance of religious faith religion is seen to have a significant influence on alan's childhood his mother, dora strang, appears to be a devout christian who is well versed in its central religious text, the bible she encourages alan to be equally fervent however, alan's father, frank, does not approve of dora's faith.

While christianity is perhaps the most overt religious influence in the play, the religion of ancient greece also plays an important role greece first emerges as a subject of dysart's fascination to him, greece is a place with “a thousand local gods” it's a place where people worship everything around them, where a passion. From thomas jefferson's cut-up bible to the country's first printed hymnal, the smithsonian's religion in early america exhibit wants to engage americans with the role of religion in its first days. Hins cheung continues his transition from pop idol to stage actor with a revealing role in equus the drama's storyline – one man's near-religious pursuit of his passion in the face of social norms – has unintended echoes in cheung's artistic endeavour to star in the play, clouded as it is by the concern.

“equus” sets the scene in an instant: teenager alan strang is being held in an english psychiatric hospital after savagely and inexplicably blinding six horses at the stable where he worked ½ stars | drama the young man refuses to speak to his therapist, martin dysart, responding instead by singing. Peter shaffer's play equus is a journey into the mind of 17-year-old alan strang and his religious obsession with horses more importantly, alan's obsession stems from a conflicted religious background complicated by rising sexual feelings alan's relationship with religion and sexuality becomes twisted, and his form of.

Horses are alan's personal religion he worships equus as his god, equating him to jesus and insisting that he wears chains to pay for humanity's sins this unique religion is what gives alan his sense of self, and dysart says that to take away a person's worship is the worst thing someone could possibly. Peter shaffer is not actually trying to make a point about the power of horses and their influence on humans, but rather of the power of human emotions and their influences the play is ultimately a play about psychology and especially explores the power of spiritual belief, especially the consequences of suppressing.

Religion and its role in equusequus

Sophie worner rehearses her role in equus with director phillie holmes during an invercargill repertory society rehearsal strang has a distorted religious and sexual obsession with horses, and discovering the reasons why he would disfigure the very animals he worships provides the basis for the plot.

  • Centering on dr martin dysart, a dissatisfied and disaffected psychiatrist, equus follows dysart as he delves deeper and deeper into the murky depths of the mind of his young patient, alan strang beneath alan's complacent manner, dr dysart reveals a fervent, passionate power, challenging the role of religion and.
  • The portrait of religion in peter shaffer's equus and albert camus's the stranger - albert camus' the stranger and peter shaffer's “equus” reveal the degenerative effects of religion on society through a negative select a novel or play in which a character's apparent madness or irrational behavior plays an important role.
  • 'equus' prompts us to look again at the mystery of christian faith through the analogy of parental, filial and professional conflicts the play compels audiences to but, as dr dysart is quick to discern, this emotional involvement, with its sexual overtones, goes far beyond pubescent sensuality the psychiatrist asks, “ what.

The tao of equus: a woman's journey of healing and transformation through the way of the horse [linda kohanov] on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying she also examines the role of horses in mythology and ancient writings and the relationships between horses and people her research is comprehensive. Does a belief in god or the supernatural make people more or less likely to take care of animals and the environment it is easy to make up stories to answer towards nature and wildlife, says bhatia religious practitioners and leaders therefore have a potentially important role in conserving nature. The complex 1970s play tackles religion, sexuality and psychological disorders peter shaffer's 1973 cerebral drama equus (daniel radcliffe's first role post- harry potter, which got him to strip down) has returned to houston and it's more provocative and gut wrenching than before, as a psychiatrist tries.

religion and its role in equusequus 'equus' was first performed at the national theatre in july 1973 directed by john dexter, with alan mccowan in the role of drdysart and peter firth in the role of alan strang, the show received great critical acclaim and caused quite a stir in the world of theatre the story centres on the actions of alan strang, a 17 year old.
Religion and its role in equusequus
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